Access Control System

Advance solution for all access control, Fingerprint, Swipe cards, proximity & Token. Personnel (face) Recognition systems, Integrated & stand alone.

Security Alarm System

Intruder & Burglar Alarm System, Effective Security Solution for all Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties. Gold & Jewellery shop, Banks and Money Exchange.

CCTV System

High performance camera surveillance system for professional surveillance and remote monitoring designed for use in Mid & max-sized businesses, stores and supermarkets.

Fire Alarm System

An Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm system uses closed loop initiating device circuits with individual zone supervision, individual indicating appliance circuit supervision, incoming and standby power supervision. Include a control panel, manual pull stations, automatic fire detectors, sounders, and all other necessary material for a complete operating system.

Barrier Operator Systems

Automatic Car Park Barriers. Sliding Doors, Swing Gates, Remote Access Control, Integrated System & Road Blockers.

Metal Detectors

Our line of metal detectors include: hand held metal detectors, walk through metal detector, full vehicle metal detectors also from Smith Detection.

X-Ray Machines

We are offering Smith Detection: State of line X – Ray Machine with color shooting photos, bi-directional, explosive materials detection.
Advanced Production Procedure Double – testing quality
High – efficient Logistics.